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Sunday, April 3, 2016

The Three Blanks

April 3, 2016
Three _____      The prompt for today is a "Fill in the Blank" poem

Three Blanks

Three Blanks walk into a bar.
Being from the shores of the Black Sea
The first one orders vodka from Krasnodar
Fills himself up and claims he is the Czar!

The second says she’ll take whiskey in a mason jar
The way they drink it in Zanzibar
And struts to the stage with her electric guitar
Where she begins her repertoire,
Empty of soul, but bound to be a star.

The third Blank, a canvas from a previous seminar,
Orders champagne and caviar
Pulls out a pistol purchased earlier at the bazaar  
Says to the keeper of the bar
“I’m not shooting blanks
Give me the keys to your car
Stay where you are!”

The czar, who’s really from Dakar,
Snickers and yells
“You won’t get very far!”
While the singer, who’s actually a basketball star
Leaps in front of the shooter, like a Final Four quasar
And says
“The barkeep walks to work,
You silly Renoir…

Close. But no cigar.”

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