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Saturday, April 23, 2016

April 23, 2016 Write a poem that mentions shoes

Lost Shoes
One night we drove up river for pozole.
Pedro had been drinking all day
But we let him come if he’d not make a fool of himself.
He’d lost his shoes, they were expensive flip-flops and
He kept bringing it up and the girl; I can no longer remember her name,
Told him to “shut up about the damn shoes…” she must have said that twenty-five times.
The cicadas were like sirens; they were so loud you had to pause sometimes to let them settle down a little so you could talk.
We got to the pozole place and they were just about to close but they said to come in anyway.
Rain started to fall in big diamond drops and pretty soon it was coming down in sheets. Sheets of rain; I’d heard of that before.
We ate the pozole and went outside where it was so dark, the only light from the little jungle café, and you couldn’t see one foot go down in front of the other. I held my hands out to catch my balance.  
Puddles turned into streams around our ankles and Pedro laughed at us when we said we were afraid our shoes would float away in the black nothing. 

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