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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

World Book Night 2014

Tonight I was a giver. I gave books on World Book Night. The book I gave was WILD by Cheryl Strayed. 

About Cheryl Strayed, Ursula Hegi says: "In language that's lyrical and haunting, Cheryl Strayed writes about bliss and loss, about the kind of grace that startles and transforms us in ordinary moments."  

I must meet Cheryl, as I have met Wally and Anne and other amazing people, who can put words on paper better than I, and make magic.

Giving books to people, and explaining they are free, has a remarkable effect. At one point we were surrounded by girls, whose ages were 16 and 17 and all clamored to get a copy. How could I refuse? I made them promise to form a book club. I should have thought to give them my business card so they could report back.

The we of whom I speak is my granddaughter and I. For the past three years, she has accompanied me on World Book Night, which serves two purposes. She is willing to carry my extra books and she is soaking up experience. Tonight she was disappointed to the point of anger when a woman we talked to said she had no interest in reading. My granddaughter is a good actress and didn't let on that she was completely annoyed, however she marveled that someone could be so thick as to not realize what a gigantic world they are missing by having absolutely no interest in books!

WILD is an embracing book that made me weep, laugh, shout, chuckle, chortle, sob and sigh. A movie is being made starring Reese Witherspoon, which I may or may not see. Sometimes it’s easier for me to hang with my own images.

When we had one book left to give, we walked around until we approached a young woman at Starbucks. I opened my conversation with “the author lost her mother when she was 22” and I was handed back words that sent a waterfall of chills down my spine: “I lost my mom two months ago,” she said. I couldn't retreat with my offer nor there was much left for me to say. I handed her WILD and with my hand on her shoulder, said I was so sorry for her loss and hoped she might find some comfort in the book. 

Thanks for reading....