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Monday, January 4, 2016


This is what I’ve learned:

A homeless person can find a home for a dog but a dog cannot find a home for a homeless person.

Small groups of ambitious people who want to make something good happen can seem like a mob.

Probably 100% of homeless people started out life in a home.

You can jack up the price of a life saving drug for dying ordinary citizens with zero consequences and get yourself on talk shows and TV; but try to defraud rich people and you will get arrested immediately and go straight to jail.

Locs (dreads) are acceptable if you make millions of dollars helping to get a ball over a goal line. Otherwise, keep a low profile.

Everybody is somebody’s child.

There are some people who know the proper use of  the word “plethora.” (And how it's pronounced.)

Gunfire is very scary.

People are greedy beyond belief.

It is easier to find a home for a cat than a box for a person. 

Very few people have any idea of most personal legal rights.

Books feel better if you can smell them.

You don't need to pay a penny to watch TV. (Thanks, Frank.)

Children should be heard.

My Personal Resolutions:

Do not start sentences with So and Well, and eliminate the use of like while speaking. You are not a teenager. You have an education.

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

Practice more generosity, less greed.

Help save KPLU.

I believe that deeply, there is goodness is all of us. Some have lost their way and need more guidance than others. Some are guides. Some need to find a different path... or maybe just get out of the way.

Thanks for reading.