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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

April 27, 2016 - For today’s prompt, write a take off poem.

My daddy raised some hell in
until he was a wise guy at the age of
and decided to take off
for parts unknown
and rode rails,
picked watermelon for pennies
and played his harmonica for company.
It was 1919.
People were lonely everywhere.

Daddy was deathly afraid of snakes and
all things that moved across
the face of the earth
without feet.
This would include
which scared him more than

He came back to Montana as a young man
And chased smoke for a living;
a dangerous pastime
that brought him to familiarity of deep fear
and profound courage.
Mother Nature, out of control.

My daddy was a humble man in many ways
but he could stand up to a fight
with little compunction
and was always on the side of
the underdog,
the Cinderella team,
the downtrodden.

a place named for mountains ,
known for a vast sky;
where my daddy’s heart yearned
and his mind imagined.

My daddy was a Capricorn,
an earth sign,
as am I, a Virgo and
my mother, a Taurus.
These are feet that sense
the dense physical world.
Like Montana.

Thank you for reading.....

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