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Thursday, April 7, 2016

April 7, 2016 Fill-in-the-blank Prompt: Urban___________

Urban Memories

The first time I moved into the city, I was a
very young 18 year old 
naïf. Danger
was not in my lexicon, nor was
caution. I was guided by
sandal-footed cult zombies
who had as much recognition of darkness
as I did of their
foolishness. On a cold November night,
we were warmed by the bonfire of
across the street where bare pine studs
had been pounded together
just that very morning. A man
stabbed his cousin in the neck at the end
of our alley, in the doorway where a baker
gave me fresh baked bread, steaming
warm, every pre-dawn
morning and stared
openly at my
well covered chest,
asking me if I was a

I always took the bread. 

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