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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

April 13, 2016 - Last_______ - Fill in the Blank

Last Trip

It was the last ski trip of the year
Less like snow and more like ice 
but longer daylight
We took sips from the suede wine bladder your stepfather brought from Spain
Our spindly legs dangling from the lift chair, leaning from side to side
Singing oh way oh oh way oh
You kissed me with rotten berry lips, the wine was awful, I felt your hot tongue inside my mouth and bile rising from high in my throat, I would've died for you to know
I saw you again in the summer. I was off to school and you were working for your father and accruing solo hours in your brother’s Piper Cub. You said we should meet some night and hang out. I knew what you really wanted
You'd been dead for nearly a year before I knew about your plane going down, caught in wires from flying too low, doing tricks and showing off.  I remembered everything about you. I smelled English Leather. I heard your rough laugh. I felt your hand on my belt buckle. I missed you. I missed any chance with you

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