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Monday, April 4, 2016

Day 4 - Write a poem about Distance


The foothills are within sight. I can see the snow is beginning to melt.

You live there. Just outside the city, where foxes come into your yard and steal fish out of your pond and you don’t know whether to be amused or angry.

Your collection of cars keeps you busy and the auto shows are a priority for you. Having no children, these hulking machines are like your babies.

Sometimes in my dreams, I carry you on my shoulders.  Other times, you are down a long road, maybe alone, or with others, and I call your name but you can’t hear me. You’re too far away. 

I had to leave behind the flowers you gave me three years ago because there was just too much to pack. Now I wish I had them. It’s sad to have nothing of you.

I worry about you when I die. It will be over then and you won’t have done the things you need to do. I will be gone and I can’t save you. 

I often think about the time we thought you were lost at sea and the terror that invaded my nights for weeks to come. I got over it finally.

This last Easter Sunday, you couldn’t come because you had other plans. It was too bad; you could have helped us remember details of the time you chased the robber all over the back yards of the neighborhood and the cops eventually caught him. You would have laughed with us. We laughed until there were tears in our eyes. 


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