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Thursday, April 21, 2016

April 21, 2016 Poem In a Pocket Day ----For today’s prompt, write a poem that responds (or somehow communicates) with another poem.

Tonight I Can Not Write
(Tonight I Can Write by Pablo Neruda)

Tonight I cannot write what I need to say to you. The words won’t come.

I cannot tell you how the sound of the wind clattering in the palms shivers my heart. I cannot recall being with you in the sand, under the moon, by the sea.

Tonight and tomorrow I cannot write nor can I sing the love songs we sang together secretly – so only we could hear.

Tonight I cannot write how your hands wrapped around my soul and your fingers tapped the code of my heart. It is dark now. My heart is dark.

I do not miss you, nor do I yearn for you. I never think of you. My mind is clear. Open.

Tonight I cannot write and plead with you in my quiet way to forget me. Forget me. As I have forgotten you.

The music drifts down my street and the notes are the same that never rouse my memory of things that no longer matter.

Tonight I cannot write that your face to me is a clear and empty sphere. I do not see you. Nor do I dream of you.

I have forgotten you. Your eyes. Your voice, your touch. I no longer remember you.

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