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Thursday, April 22, 2010

April 13, 2010 A Love Poem

Robert's prompt for today is "Write a Love Poem," which I believe I did yesterday. So here is my contribution:

Love Poem

I thought I was in love
Heck, I knew I was.
The way my heart flipped around
Inside my underdeveloped chest,
I could barely catch my breath.
I wanted to cry,
Let it all out.
And fickle?
I couldn’t begin to decide who would
Be the lucky one
To deflower me.
Going through a list that expanded
Faster than my 45 collection;
Brian Carl Mike Dennis Al
John Ringo George Paul
Fabian to Donovan…
My taste in romance
Diverse as my ken for music.
Enrico Caruso
Of strong possibilities
And Jack Jones,
(With those bedroom eyes),
I could have danced all night
With Bobby Darin,
Even when he became passé.
Ah, love…Teen Idol Love.
A phase so wonderful…
To have it and yet
Know none of the reality.
I’ve no idea who Jason Bieber is.
Zac Efron blew by in just a moment’s notice
Under my unwitting nose.
But I envy every little girl
Who tapes those posters
Above her bed,
And lives for the day
Jason or Zac
Or some other beautiful, youthful boy
Will visit her dreams,
Until she has that growing-up-moment;
A kiss,
A feel,
A simple word
That changes everything
About the tune of love.

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