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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

April 1, 2010 PAD Challenge LONELY

I have decided it might be a really good idea to post my PAD poems here on my Blog! the dates are going to be all screwed up until the 22nd of April but that's okay. They will all be April posts.
Here is Number One:

Today is the beginning of the Writer's Digest PAD (Poem a Day) Challenge. For the third year in a row, I will be writing from a daily prompt to come up with an appropriate poem. Being the perfectionist I am, it can be agonizing to post on the site with such short notice but I will do my best to not embarrass myself.

Today’s prompt is “Write a lonely poem.”


To say that I miss him
Is to listen to each drop of rain
Falling apart from all others, lost in its own rhythm,
Like tapping on a timpani;
One fingertip, one thought, one inspiration.

To say that I miss him
Is to listen to
The human metronome:
The heart.
My beat alone
Unshared, uncommon.

I am surrounded
Yet stand solo,
Missing him
Not in my crowd.

To say that I miss him
Is to confess that I loved him.
Yes, how I loved him.

The night, in its silence,
Makes my ear sentient,
Accepting my single self
To be alert to all sounds, all notices, all alarms,
And to the notion
That I miss him.

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