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Thursday, April 22, 2010

April 10, 2010 horror

For today's prompt, write a horror poem. Make it scary. Make it cheesy. Make it funny. Whatever you do, link it somehow to horror."
I could have done cheesy or funny but then that wouldn't have been horror, really. I didn't like this prompt when I started it (not that I'm any kind of Wes Craven) but it's okay, as far as this type of thing goes, I suppose.


as fast as her legs will carry her
catching herself just before a sprawl
the terror of giving up
heart pounding
so loud
her eardrums may explode
the sun a memory of the day
as trees lengthy shadows disappear
blend into one blackness
dark makes a complete descent
she can hear his ragged breath
twigs snapping and
soft scent of pine and bracken
innocent leaves
fallen with the chill autumn air
unwillingly disturbed
divulge her position
it is impossible
the beam of his torch
reveals the wet wood, the browness of the forest
in brilliant streaks
and his dog
can tear her to bits at one simple command
pink tender skin
she stops
curls like a soft weak snail
who has lost its shell
she understands
as the dog stands over her and snarls
his hot breath on the back of her neck
muddy shoes and ragged jeans
what she sees
with one open eye
and pulls her thin sweater over her head
it’s finished. she is done.

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