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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

April 5, 2010 La Tentación

Today's prompt was to write a poem about TMI. I took an old poem that had been waiting for some redemption and re-worked it. I think it falls into the TMI category.
Thanks for all your comments, emails and support. I really appreciate it.

La Tentación

Walking up the shadowed hill
With a bucket of live lobster balanced between us
We stopped to listen. The music
Drifting thru the iron bars of a dirt floor café
Captured us;
We… moths
To the flame.
The horn player leaning back in his
repose, Spied us with a single eye
Knowing us
and our contest.
We slipped in the doorway and
slowly settled the tin bucket
‘til it found the floor;
(clacking sounds of claws clambering
ignored us with intention to escape.)
Your fingers, still wet with the sea
Wound a nest in my hair.
You held me in sway
And bit my bare pink shoulder
Your damp hair, your bare feet, your white teeth
still linger in my present senses.
It wasn’t really dancing what we did
Intoxicated by Scent and Sound.
Damn that smiling waitress
And offered us her room.

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