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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

April 2, 2010 Kelsey Fontaine

PAD Poetry Challenge

The prompt for today is “Water”

Kelsey Fontaine

Fontaine his mother named him.
“Why?” cried the father
Who was consigned to the sea.
“Name him Kelsey, who is Cenal’s land,
Anything but water.”
And so it was he was named for both.
Torn between the two;
Finding comfort not in oceans
Nor mountains, rivers nor trees.
Disabled as a fisherman, hunter, farmer
Or boat builder.
Unable to drink it;
“Turns ya to rust,” he bellowed in the pub
And ate great hunks of meat.
He fathered none, as no clean woman
Would come near a man
Who’d rather burn than bathe.
His moral compass vanished
Along with all the rest;
The sun and moon and stars
Were lost to guide him.
As ale his only companion,
Friend of none,
Nor even the priest who’d first presented him to the
Fluid of life,
While he wailed in the font
Like the child of a banshee.
Cursed by a name;
Never truly dry,
Drowned in drunken tears,
Commited to a pyre…
The ground too frozen with ice
To make a grave.

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