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Friday, April 22, 2011

Double Dactyl

The double-dactyl is a short verse form invented by the American poets Anthony Hecht and John Hollander in 1966. The poem consists of one sentence containing forty-four syllables that are distributed over eight lines and fall into two four-line stanzas. The first three lines of each stanza are dactylic dimeter; the last one is a choriamb. The two stanzas end with a masculine rhyme on the last syllable of the choriamb. The final feature of the form is found in line six of the poem: a single, six-syllable word which is a double-dactyl. Most start with Hiddledy-Piggledy, but there are some variations.

The arrogant Donald
Threw his hat in the
Political briar
Be aware that Trump
Has tossed hairline into
The line of fire.




  1. Boy, that took a long time. Too much math for me. :/

  2. I know what you mean!

    lol- You did a good job, Jodi. I love the pic!