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Sunday, June 5, 2016

June 5, 2016 A Poem about LOVE and OTHER Things

Babies and young lovers 
kiss in much the same way. 
Open mouthed 
full of love 
willing to take in everything. 
When does the face seal up in a manner 
to stop the flow of 
love and knowledge, 
vulnerability and tenderness? 
Why do we become guarded, wary, 
timid and judgmental? 
We begin life, 
with submission, 
rolling onto our backs, 
exposing the soft flesh of our bellies. 
Then we turn to jade, 
a process that involves betrayal, mistrust, 
little murders 
and colored lies. 
We die, 
tightlipped, underwhelmed, 
secrets buried; our goodness 
tied up in old photos, 
winners’ ribbons, 
perfume tainted with age.

Thank you for reading......

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