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Monday, January 1, 2018

One Year

Summertime 2017 in the McLeod Garden

A lot can happen in a fraction of a second. So I’ve learned. Oh boy, your whole life can change. Boom. Just. Like. That.
Then again, a whole lot more can happen in a year.

A year can be a short amount of time, especially in hindsight; but if you’re a kid waiting for school to be out, a handful a minutes can seem like an eternity. I've found lately, in the past couple decades or so, years seemed to be bunched up together and October always came way before I’ve been ready to put the flip-flops in the back of the closet. Then it’s Christmas and before you know it, you wake up one morning and it’s a New Year. For me, the years were rolling by, non-stop, no change. Same old shit, different day. 

In the first week of December 2016, I was unhappy, overweight, hated my job, in debt, and intensely disliked my home. (That’s a story for another time but it wasn’t a place I’d chosen to live, and even though others thought it felt homey, I was never content or comfortable there.) I tried to get ahead but I was in a rut, working my butt off for literally nothing, with no appreciation or acknowledgement. I shared a lot of that sob story with any poor soul who’d listen. Most preferred not to.

Because of Arbonne, in one year I’m living a different life.

My first step forward was doing a 30-Day Cleanse. I got a few sideways glances, making a decision to start a healthy eating regime at the most tempting time of year. I did cheat, on Christmas Day, and then went right back to it on December 26th. By mid January, I'd lost 12 pounds. I felt lighter, plus I stopped taking afternoon naps and had energy that took me all the way through the day, rising early. 

Me, September 2016
Around February 2017, I joined Arbonne online meetings and discussions, Arbonne Facebook pages, participated in a monthly gathering in Bellevue, Wa, where women and men of all backgrounds spoke and shared their successes. These were people who were making major changes in their own lives. Some had been rewarded with Mercedes Benz's, others were supporting their favorite causes, like saving wild horses or building houses for the homeless. I’ve become friends with a woman who used to have a nice life selling life insurance (a good job with security) and because of five years in Arbonne she’s living in her dream home on the beach in Southern California and working limited hours, spending time doing what she wants to do, as opposed to what she needs to do. 

Because of Arbonne, I've developed some wonderful new friendships. It’s like church, but it’s not church, and these are folks from all walks of life, colors, races, religions, affiliations, and income levels.

I shrug when I get feedback about MLM’s. This is Direct Marketing, and it’s what many are looking for in a gig economy, where Uber,, Doterra, Airbnb and many other second incomes are helping people live better lives.

Me, in Mexico, May 2017

For me, it goes beyond that. I’m making money, yes... and my income from Arbonne is certainly making a difference in my life but what I love is helping people change their lives.

This is what people are looking for: health, living well, and for some, a step into a possible lucrative future. Because Arbonne is vegan, kosher, and developed for people with diabetes, there are few people who can't make major changes with these nutrition and skin products. It’s pure, safe and beneficial.

April 2017 with my pal Waneta 
at the Arbonne Global Training Conference 
in Las Vegas
Because of Arbonne, I began reading inspirational books. As I applied some of the steps suggested in books like "The Flip Flop CEO" (Muirhead/Roberts/Finney); "Take the Stairs" (Rory Haden); “You Are a Badass” (Jen Sincero), things began to pop and snap in my life. 

I didn’t realize the changes at first. I kept doing these steps because I remembered what someone had said to me about what difference would it make? I could keep doing what I was doing or try something else and see where I ended up at the end of a year. This was not rocket science.
I made a Vision Board; I posted little notes on my mirror, fridge, and around my house. Reminders about what I want; who I am; what I can get in life, belief in myself. Goals, dreams, hopes. I spoke my affirmations out loud and when someone inadvertently heard me, I learned to smile and carry on. 

                                   Me, in Las Vegas in April 2017 - Inspired

At monthly meetings, I listened to people talk about how Arbonne had changed their lives and I wanted to BE one of those people, in front of the crowd, telling what I had done to get there. 

In June I came upon Miracle Morning, by Hal Elrod and every morning I got up and did the six recommendations for changing my life. I kept telling people I met about Arbonne.

In July, I was in front of the room, telling a little bit of my story, and receiving recognition for reaching the level of District Manager.

I no longer live in that place I hated. I learned to be grateful for being there at all and aspired to something better! I love the home I’m in now. I'm super happy with my new job; started in November, right after I got back from a Writer’s Conference in Mexico that lit my fire. My house in Mexico is rented, kicking a little extra income my way. I even got a raise in my Social Security (I know, it’s a bit of a joke but even small amounts add up.) The writing I get paid for isn’t breaking the bank…not yet, but that will also change. Watch out, 2018, I’ve got plans. I've found that dreams really do come true. But it really is up to you. Because of Arbonne, I've accomplished more in the past year than the entire last decade. I did the work.

Me and some of the girls. Love these girls! It's kind of amazing to be "one of the girls" again, at 68.

I've lost a total of 40 pounds. I’m getting compliments galore on my skin. I love buying clothes again. My living situation is great. My job is…well, it’s just swell. I haven’t enjoyed working for someone else in a really long time. My debts are getting paid off. I have ENERGY!  I love waking up in the morning and starting my day healthy! I sleep like an old bear. My high blood pressure is a thing of the past and I’m off medications, under doctor’s supervision. My relationships are stronger, happier, sounder. I’m helping me, helping others, and helping the earth. I’m able to be generous again. I’m positive and I’m unstoppable.

                                               Me, now. And I'm not done yet. 

You don’t have to join me. You can continue doing what you’re doing. I can tell you though, I’m glad I gave this bit 30 days, and then, when things seemed to be working quite well, I gave it one year. A lot can happen in a year.
Thanks for reading.

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