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Thursday, September 10, 2015

Tonight I Think About Tomorrow

Tonight I think about tomorrow. 
Fourteen years ago.

We went to bed innocent and woke up completely startled. 
Furniture and dogs were kicked. 
Implacable disbelief. 
Merciless reality. 

Overturned lives, loves, plans, convictions.

Our world changed. 
We began to think and feel as others have for centuries. 

In fourteen years I have heard about conspiracy, lack of evidence, missing recordings and documents.

One thing remains. Loss. We are stuck with that.

Loss of freedom, confidence, loved ones, futures.

What have we learned?

Little to nothing.

The fighters continue to fight in the wrong arenas. The radicals continue to terrorize and strike where the desert is no longer about camels or oil or negotiations. 
The vital organs cling to reason, wisdom, compassion, with heads in the clouds 
and argue about camels, 

Tonight I think about tomorrow. 
Fourteen years ago.

Thank you for reading.

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