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Sunday, May 24, 2015

Zero for the Mother

I weep for the marbled murrelet,
mollusks, brown pelican, the cutthroat trout,
and southern sea otter, least tern, red throated loon…
an infinite list of
Innocent, defenseless life that swallows elixir of death
and then is
… gone.

We insist on constant exploitation of endangered habitat
With no concern for our stewardship
Oblivious to 
Extinction by numbers, perishing in bleakness, desperation;
For nothing but lack of concern,
gluttony for money.

From the ether come the screams of John Muir, Rachel Carson, Farley Mowat,
When a tube buried deep within the earth
Its contents slithering like a slick venomous serpent and
allowed for Mankind to be engaged, once again, in the decimation
Ten by ten,
Thousand by thousand.

Score for casualty, score for excess, score for greed, score for ignorance, score for suffering, score for death, score for oil, score for tragedy.

Zero for the mother.


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Endangered and Threatened Marine Species



  1. This is as powerful as it is heart-breaking. Did you by chance write poetry for the poets for living water project when the oil spill happened in the gulf? This reminds me very much of some of those poems...Glad you came to the "chain" Margo...happy to get to read more of your work.

  2. Absolute powerful and heart-rending... Yes! Agree with Sharon this does remind me of some of the passionate poems written for the Living Water project. Wonderful inclusion of the screams of Rachel Carson et. al. -
    A plesure to meet you here <3