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Monday, November 11, 2013

Ekphrastic Poetry

November 11, 2013  - For today’s prompt, we’re going to write ekphrastic poetry–or poetry based off another piece of art. 

(I've been wanting to use this photo for something. I took it at my friend Cassandra's house one late afternoon in October.)

it was time that melted
while you spoke
in smoky drones;
redwine smudged your teeth
and bluesky turned to black;
i crept
like a mouse
(some might say rat)
my small ear cocked in the direction of your murmurs…
just to know
(before the candles were blown out…)
the chances, luck, the secrets of our destiny.
my shadow slid against the wall
and one of you said
“did you hear something?”
and the other said
“it’s nothing”
as if I wasn’t there…



  1. nice, especially the shadow part

  2. spooky in the best way...I love ekphrastic poetry