Photos for January Stones and April PAD 2012 property of M J Dills (exception 1/16)

Monday, January 9, 2012

Rose Stone

Symbols sit behind us
Vows and curses the ticket for admission
Old jokes and tales ride the night
Secrets unveiled


  1. First visit here- (following a comment link from One Good Thing)- always nice to find fellow stone finders. Your stone catches the years of love between two long time partners perfectly! Glad to add your blog to my growing list of small stones blogs.

  2. I'm honored that Teri got the meaning of this poem so well. Thanks, Teri, for your comments and support. Jodi

  3. This is funny, I happened to find you via One Good Thing too! It was the reference to the heart rocks that caught my attention :-)
    I have read through your small stones, and they are beautiful. So well written and with great photos. I love the way you have titled each one.