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Saturday, August 6, 2011

PNWA Conference, Poetry and Prose

Last three days spent at PNWA Conference in Bellevue. Left early tonight so I could spend the evening with my girl. Daughter Number Two took all three kids to the Lake City Pioneer Day’s parade so we could have some time. We parked ourselves at some little bistro in Juanita and covered many wine fueled subjects including my aforementioned conference. I have great hopes for the contacts I have made and feel a certain contract by the end of the year. New name for the book is Seven Waves, which is receiving good reviews. Major highlight of the conference was the discovery of Gary Copeland Lilley, of whom I heard lectures regarding poetry and prose and how well they work together. I am looking forward to taking a workshop from him in the future. Putting my novel away for a couple years and concentrating on my poetry had an impact on my writing in the most constructive way. Also tonight Emily and I discussed the tragedy we witnessed on July 24th (my stone of July 27th). I will long remember the feeling of knowing I was in the presence of a leaving at that time. I am convinced that when death comes so suddenly, souls linger in confusion. You don’t need religion to teach you that.



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