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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Z Completing the Alphabet Prompts

Z is for Zero-Down Don

He’s busier than anyone
With something going on,
Making deals and fielding calls;
He’s Zero-Down Don.

He can get it at a bargain,
Anything you need;
If you say you’ll get it cheaper,
He’ll refuse to concede.

He’s got friends in higher places,
Connections everywhere.
He can haggle with the devil
And negotiate with flair.

If your phone rings in the morning
And it’s long before dawn,
He’s been up all night bartering.
He’s Zero-Down Don.

Be it microwaves or jewelry,
Televisions, cars or bets;
He knows someone who’s sure to help
To improve you assets.

For cruises in the Caribbean
Or smuggling contraband,
A package to deliver;
Zero-Down Don is your man.

In case the deal goes awry,
Or the transaction seems bizarre,
Be advised: Don’t bother Don.
He’ll be in the bar.



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