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Friday, June 4, 2010

On Joseph's Abrupt Departure

On Joseph’s Abrupt Departure

Crashing door
signal of strident discord
caught my attention, disturbed my feeble attempt at work;
Rattled windows and
put portraits on the staircase askew.
I cringed and leaned across my pockmarked desk,
Rising slightly from my chair
to pull aside lemon colored frilled curtain…

There he was, striding long
and determined,
the street shiny with rain
As the day embraced dusk.
White starched shirt flapping against his back,
Cap at hasty angle,
Jerking his worn and well traveled
pack over one shoulder blade.

Imagined his white knuckles, fierceness of his face,
at least for now.

Then –

Pounding on the staircase,
Wrenching open of the ancient oak door,
it, defenseless to the battering,
inset beveled glass catching prisms from inner lamplight
sending sparkles of light
flying across ceiling of the foyer hall.

“Joseph! Joseph!”
wailed my sudden repentant daughter
Standing on tiptoes at
yawning threshold,
hands clasped

But Joseph’s intention was not related to relent –
Until he relented.



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